In the five years after abandoning this SSDFreaks site, I kept it up in read-only mode in case anyone had any ideas for the blog as I had spare hosting/bandwidth allowance from my other blog.

Unfortunately, this site has lately been facing gigabytes of rogue traffic, steadily increasing with bots endlessly scanning for non-existant files and potential vulnerabilities. It generated huge 404 log files of various php, rar, zip, etc. file names and the traffic was eating into my bandwidth allowance shared from my other blog.


SSD Freaks was a news portal I ran between 2010 and 2012, back when SSDs were in their infancy. Prior to this portal, I previously wrote news on optical drives (CDs, DVDs, etc), media and related topics for CDFreaks. With optical media dying off and the former manager changing the name change to Myce, I decided to leave the site and have a go at running my own portal in a hope of recreating a similar experience with the SSD boom.

Unfortunately, despite writing news daily and announcing every SSD review I came across, a year later the average story got 10 views within 24 hours of posting. Basically, a rural community newsletter would get more readers than the number of visitors this site got in a typical day. For anyone wondering if I had too many ads/banners/pop-ups, the answer was zero! I fully paid for the hosting, which was very little due to the miniscule traffic.

The only article that did well was a guide I posted on cloning a hard disk to SSD with the Windows 7 backup utility, which I moved to my other blog. In fact, what I learned is that general blog writing attracts far more interest than writing stories about existing news or reviews.

For example, one article I wrote is about balancing radiators. That article gets a steady flow of traffic even though my blog has nothing to do with plumbing! The view count is over 10,000, which is likely more than all the SSD news stories and review announcements view counts put together. Some of my blog entries regularly get user comments and questions, which I rarely got on news stories here either, besides obligatory spam attempts.

When the original founder DoMiN8ToR returned to Myce in 2012, I decided to return to the site and now look after any technical issues on their forum.